All About that Base - How to use Primer

All About the Base - How to guide

Do you ever apply your make up in the morning and find that by midday it’s moved - or worse it's no longer there? What is the big secret to having long lasting, flawless make up? It's time to learn how to Prep and Primer with TAM Beauty.


Step-by-Step Guide

Why the base though? Like any artist, you work best on a fresh, smooth canvas. If the skin is not soft and supple then you won't get the best results.

Your skin is precious, you only get one and therefore it’s vital that you take good care of it. Now I’m not saying you should obsess over it, but it’s a great place to start when you want to slay every day! 

Step One: Know your skin

At the end of this process your skin should feel velvety and light. Everyone has an individual skin type so it's important to understand if your skin is oily, dry or even a combination. Make sure that you tailor products to suit your skin type and find the right balance for you at every stage of the prep and prime process.

Step Two: Exfoliate

Give your skin some well deserved love. Exfoliating twice a week is essential to on-going slay every day skin! The process removes dry skin and unclogs pores all while reducing spots and blemishes. There is really no reason not to!

Step Three: Tone and moisturise

Using a cotton pad and toner, gently tap the face and jawline. This will help close pores, remove any impurities and prepare you for the next stage - a dose of moisture. Take a small amount of moisturiser and gently rub into the skin.

NOTE: For oily skin work in the moisturiser from the temples and outer parts of the face inward. This will place greater moisture away from the t-zone which is the oiliest area of the face. If you have dry skin you should do the opposite - work from the t-zone outward.

Step Four: Primer 

Allow for your moisturiser to settle before applying primer, about 1 minute should do the trick.

Primer literally works wonders. It fills out pores, reduces redness, stops foundation sinking and ensures a long-lasting velvety smooth finish. 

Apply your primer with your fingers or a stipling brush. Focus on the t-zone and work outwards. You don't need alot, just a small pump will do.

Step Five: Finish

A Voila! You have now followed the essential step by step guide to absolutely flawless make up! All you have to do is wait a few minutes before applying foundation or concealer.

We've listed some AMAZING Revolution Beauty products that are a must have for Prepping and Priming your skin. Check them out!

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Faceb4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash

FaceB4 Anti-bacterial Face Wash

A combined cleanser and toner which helps clean pores and reduce excess oil. FaceB4’s dermatologically- tested formula is safe and kind to use on all skin types, to help give you the spot-free skin you had B4.

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Our ULTRA Face Base primer is the perfect primer to provide the perfect base under your foundation. It smoothes out the skin to create an even canvas so your foundation is flawless and lasts all day!

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Freedom Make up London Pro Studio Moisture

Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream is a hydrating, rich moisturiser with skin-nourishing ingredients including olive derived Squalane and Shea Butter to firm, protect and rejuvenate.

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