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My 5-week journey

18 février 2021

My 5-week journey

to transforming brows and lashes

I have tried many tricks over the years to grow my brows, I’ve tried; microblading, tinting and threading, I’ve used very expensive lotions and potions that promised to deliver Delevingne style brows but made more of a dent on my bank balance than it did on my arch line.

I simply don’t think I have enough of a brow to warrant brow lamination. Acceptance seemed the only thing viable for the damage caused from over plucking in my teens and despite being praised for my mane of hair on my head, everything around my eyes is just a non-event. Needless to say, I have also fallen victim to lash extensions that I was a bit too heavy handed with and my already thin wimpy lashes resurfaced as short, spikey stumps. Gutted.

I decided to take on the whole Rehab collection as part of my lash, brow, and lip care routine, which also included a Rehab Overnight Lip Serum. A Rehab Brow Care Mask and Rehab Soap & Care Styler were brought to my attention by Revolution, which both contain nourishing ingredients such as argan oil and castor oil at a totally affordable price point. I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ - I didn’t want to make a new year's resolution but instead, I promised myself to make a self-care resolution and so that's exactly what I have been doing.

It's been 5 weeks and it has been a really eye opening journey so to speak. I used the Rehab Brow Care Serum and Rehab Lash Care Serum every night after I washed my face and got ready for bed. I swooped the Brow Oil through my brows paying close attention to the arch and non-existent ends and placed a strip line of the Lash Serum to my lashes too. With added castor oil and shea butter, both felt cooling and nourishing and I genuinely look forward to the little ritual I have created pre bedtime.

After a couple of weeks, I did start to think I had perhaps noticed a difference. So I'm going to be honest... as I am mainly working from home and make up free, I did sneak in a few extra applications during the day and love the freshness it brings to my eyes in the morning (self-care resolution goals right there!)

3 weeks in and there was a definite improvement. I started to use the Soap & Care Styler when I put on makeup for a Zoom call and wow there was HAIR!!! I was fluffing up hair that simply was not there before. Excited at the progress, the Rehab Soap & Care Styler has been in full use. I can’t help but admit I feel smug every time I use it.

Rehab Overnight Lip Serum has also been a game changer for me. It's a really super silky, unsticky balm and gives your lips a beautiful finish. I almost feel glamorous getting into bed. The plus side is that the mango butter and hyaluronic make it the perfect preventative for getting dried out lips in the night especially while my central heating is up on full blast. I know it will also come in as a useful hydrator on my holidays come the summer, so that is defo here to stay too.

6 weeks in and my brows are the thickest they have been in 20 years. Admittedly, I’m not quite Cara yet but the point is, I’m FINALLY content with where they are and If I don't have time to do my makeup or thicken my brows with a pencil they are certainly at a point where I am confident enough to feel like I have a solid brow.

The biggest revelation has been that I have actually NEEDED to pick up the tweezers again to tidy up my brows. Yes, I did write that. I picked up the tweezers and laughed out loud as I pulled away the much longed for unwanted hair.

After this, I tried out the Brow mask whilst I pottered around the house which I can see would be great in my kit for make up days when I might bleach someone's brows for an editorial or see a client who has recently undergone microblading or laminating. The calming, soothing ingredients of shea and cocoa butter and all round loveliness promote maximum care and hydration which is just the bomb. A new kit essential for me.

My lashes are another story. Long full and THICK. What?? How?? I’m shook!! It has been a game changer for me. One swoop of mascara now is enough and my eyes look bigger and brighter than ever because finally my lashes are no longer challenged or weak. In all honesty, I feel that the system is completely habitual to me now. I know every day is going to be better so actually I'm fully content and pleased to think I won't ever really have to pick up a pair of falsies or a heavy duty mascara again in order to feel sculpted around my eye. The whole process has been totally enjoyable and it's in my self-care routine for good. Brow, lash and lip care wise, it has been a real REVOLUTION.

Love, Shahira from Team Revolution x

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