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How to use eyeliner like a PRO

24 April 2020

How to use eyeliner like a PRO

A step by step guide

Do you love eyeliner but often don’t know where to begin? Wondering “do I use an eyeliner pencil or eyeliner pen”? or “how do I create an eyeliner wing”? Well you’re in the right place! Let me give you the full low down…

There’s so many different types of eyeliners…coloured, kohl, pencil, gel pot, felt tip, liquid liners and more! Eyeliner can work on all eye shapes. It’s all about angle, precision and practice. So if you are wondering how to apply eyeliner, then here’s your simple 6 step tutorial:

Step 1:

Choose your eyeliner, any format will work, and draw a line from your outer corner, aiming toward your brow bone. This will ensure you have the right angle to compliment your eye shape.

Step 2:

Draw the eyeliner back towards the eyelid from the line to create a triangle shape, this is your wing!

Step 3:

Starting from the inner corner of the eye, trace along the lash line until it joins up with the rest of the eyeliner to complete the wing.

Step 4:

Now this is the fun bit, think of it a bit like colouring in… Fill in the gaps of the eyeliner, this will make sure you have a solid flick.

Step 5:

Refine the wing using concealer or makeup remover to make sure you get that sharp line.

Step 6:

Add mascara and lashes to complete the eye look then BOOM, you are ready to slay!

We hope you find this useful!

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