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Everything You Need To Know About Ice Rollers

20 April 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Ice Rollers

Heard all the hype about ice rollers? We’ve got you covered.


Ice facials are the latest viral skin trend to take over social media - and we’re here for it! Team Skin has got you covered with a fuss-free tool to keep your skincare routine ultra-chill with the Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank Cooling Ice Facial Roller.


Keep reading to learn all about ice rollers and why you should add an ice roller into your routine...

What is an Ice Roller?

A traditional practice within Chinese medicine, ice facials (or ice therapy) are the latest viral skin trend taking over social media. TikTokers in particular have latched onto this by massaging ice cubes across their skin. But if you’re after a fuss-free and more convenient alternative, then an ice roller is for you. They carry all the same amazing benefits of ice facials in one handy stainless steel tool that’s designed to be stored in the fridge or freezer.

What Does An Ice Roller Do?

Ice rollers have been praised for their naturally amazing skin benefits. This clever ultra-cooling tool is known to help cool, calm, soothe, and depuff tired and irritated complexions for the ultimate at-home ice facial. Plus, ice rollers are even known to help to boost circulation, aid lymphatic drainage and soothe muscle tension. Sign us up!

Top tip:Sore, inflamed breakout? Keep the ice-roller on the blemish for 20 seconds to help reduce redness and inflammation.

How to use an Ice Roller

1.Be sure to store your ice roller in the fridge (or freezer for an extra cooling sensation) overnight before use.

2.After cleansing, apply a few drops of your favourite hydrating serum or cream to your face.

3.Gently and slowly move the roller across your face, working outwards from your nose. Can also be used on the neck in an upwards motion towards the chin.

4.Wipe roller after use with a reusable cotton pad and cleanser and leave to naturally dry.

Watch the Revolution Skincare Ice Roller in action here.


Love from, Lois & Team Skin x

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