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How to Do Your Nails At Home

03 April 2020

How to Do Your Nails At Home

Can't get to a manicurist because you're self-isolating?

Don’t worry, you can get all the Revolution products you need for painting your nails at home. If your follow-up question is ‘how can I nail my at-home manicure, though?’, just keep calm and follow the steps below!

Step 1:

File and shape your nails: square, round, almond... I'm sure Instagram served you lots of ideas you've always wanted to try!

Step 2:

Apply a base and please, DO NOT forget it! It protects your nails and your nail polish will last longer. If you're in a rush or don't feel like wearing colours on your nails, you can wear it on its own, and it will take care of your nails in the long run.

We have 3 base coats to cover all your needs:

Makeup Revolution Care & Repair Nail Treatment – contains a complex of arginine, tea tree oil and vitamin E actives to help awaken dull looking nails.

Makeup Revolution Prep & Hydrate Base Coat – formulated with watermelon seed oil, this base coat will help nourish the nails.

Makeup Revolution Prep & Glow Base Coat – formulated with porcelain flower extract for added nourishment, it's the perfect base coat to illuminate and brighten nails.

Step 3:

The hardest part of a manicure is to pick up a colour and I am sorry, but we aren't helping on that one. Reds, nudes, neons, glitters, duochromes, holographics... We. Have. Them. All. Good luck!

Step 4:

Found your match? Now let's apply it! Our fan brushes make it really easy, so don't be afraid and apply the nail polish with no hesitation. The brush will create a straight line on the edges, just try to avoid your cuticles.

The perfect amount of nail polish that should be on your brush is one drop at the end of it.

Step 5:

Always finish a manicure with a topcoat - it will sure make your nails shiny, but it also seals the colour whilst protecting them and making the colour last longer. A tip that I've learnt with a lot of practice: wait a couple of minutes for your colour nail polish to dry before applying the topcoat!

We have 2 different ones to choose from:

Makeup Revolution Plump & Shine Gel Top Coat – essential to achieve a plump effect to your nails, and infused with jojoba extract for added nourishment.

Makeup Revolution Speed & Shine Top Coat – a fast drying top coat that leaves you with a high shine finish to your nails in minutes. Plus, it's infused with Biotin (Vitamin H) to give the nails some extra TLC!

Step 6:

Now it's time to reward yourself for this hard work with a massage! Grab the Revolution Skincare Cica Multi Use Balm to moisturise your hands and don't forget your cuticles! It's definitely the pro touch you need to make a difference.

Leave your cuticle oil on your bedside table so you won't forget to apply it every night!

You can choose from:

Makeup Revolution Nourish & Care Cuticle Oil – 100% almond oil and enriched with Vitamin E.

Makeup Revolution Good Vibes Cuticle Oil – made with 100% hemp oil, the silky soft formula will help nourish and moisturise.

And Voila!

Sagia from Team Revolution x

Now you can facetime your friends to show off and post a photo of your killer nails on Instagram. Don't forget to tag us @makeuprevolution


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