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How To Control Oily Skin For Better Makeup

30 September 2020

How To Control Oily Skin For Better Makeup

Our new Niacinamide range is a MUST for oil-prone skin

We've all been there - you get home after a long day of working hard and looking cute only to discover you've been betrayed by your pores. You still look cute, but your skin definitely didn't get the 'be a team player' memo and your makeup is looking less 'delightfully dewy' and more 'oil overload'. It's a look, but just not the look you were going for. So, what can you do to make your skin play ball?

If you've read our blog before, then you probably know I'm a Niacinamide fan. I tell everyone and anyone that they need it in their skincare routine, and today is no different. It's a hard-working all-rounder famed for helping to smooth and even skin tone, balance sebum production, reduce redness and help moisturise skin. Basically, if you struggle with oily skin, enlarged pores, or blemishes, you should be stocking up on the stuff. If you want the full lowdown on Niacinamide then check out our Niacinamide blog post, but if not then all you need to know is that if you have oily skin and you don't have Niacinamide in your skincare routine, you should remedy that ASAP. It's our best-selling ingredient for a reason (and no, that reason probably isn't because I tell all my friends and family they need it).

So - you're battling oily skin, but how can you fix that with Niacinamide? At Revolution we love Niacinamide so much we've worked it into a lot of products, and now even created an entire range targeted at controlling oily skin, with Niacinamide as the hero ingredient. Here are those hero products that you can work into your routine.

Niacinamide Mattifying Cleansing Gel
The first step in your skincare routine, this Niacinamide infused cleanser also is formulated with Kaolin and Rich Starch (amazing for helping to absorb excess oil and dirt). This combo will leave the skin feeling smooth and cleansed.

Niacinamide Mattifying Moisture Cream
Anyone that ever tells you oily skin types don't need to moisturise doesn't have your best interests at heart. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, oily skin can sometimes be because the skin is trying to overcompensate for a lack of moisture! This moisturiser is formulated with Niacinamide, Kaolin and Rice Starch, and Betaine which is great for locking in moisture without feeling oily or greasy.

Niacinamide Mattifying Primer Drops
If you want to really keep oil at bay, it's going to have to be a team effort between your skincare and makeup. These primer drops are perf for creating a smooth and matte base as they contain both Niacinamide and Kaolin and Rice Starch.

Niacinamide Mattifying Essence Spray
Essence Sprays are great for reinforcing your skincare throughout the day - think of it as regularly reminding oil who's boss. Again with Niacinamide, Kaolin and Rice Starch (can you tell we love this combo), this is perfect for refreshing and mattifying skin throughout the day.

Mattifying Blotting Papers
Blotting papers are a must for anyone with oily skin's handbag (or for anyone during hot weather!). They're great for absorbing excess oil on the go without disturbing makeup, and the cute compact makes it easy to dispense and tear off the perfect amount for you to gently blot away oil.


Don't forget to share your finished results with us @REVOLUTIONSKINCARE

Charlie from Team Revolution x

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  • Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Oil Control Gel Cleanser

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  • Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Oil Control Essence Spray

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