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Beginners Guide on How to Use TikTok

17 April 2020

Beginners Guide on How to Use TikTok

Follow these handy steps to get your account started with a BANG!

I’ve been working on the social & content team here at Makeup Revolution for 1.5 years now so it’s safe to say I know my way around social platforms. As we are all self-isolating and finding new skills to learn, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my top tips for getting up and running on TikTok. A relatively new platform with LOADS of personality that everyone seems to be using right now.

Whether you’re ready to get moving with the trending dances or just have something really funny to share, TikTok is the place to be on social media. This wonderfully raw social channel allows us to unapologetically be our inner comedian, pro MUA or the professional dancer we always knew we’d be and guess what!? There are no rules!

Create an account

There’s no TikToking without a TikTok account. Follow the really simple set up guide to create your profile. Add a cute AF profile picture and even link it to your other social channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Top Tip: If you use the same handle on your Instagram, Twitter & other social platforms it will be easier for your friends, family and followers to find you.

Find & Follow

Some of your favourite creators are already on TikTok! Like us @makeuprevolution - A quick search for your favourite brands and content creators will get you feeling inspired and fill your TikTok scroll with wonderful tutorials and LOLs

Top Tip: Have a look at your favourite existing social channels as they will most likely link back to their TikToks.

Get creating

When you discover a makeup look, dance or funny TikTok have a go at creating it yourself. You’ll notice a lot of the TikToks will have the same sound over the video. You can click on the sound and instantly get creating.

You can record your video in short clips. When you want to capture something, simply hold down the record button or set a timer in TikTok to capture it hands free.

Top Tip: Remember the average TikTok is 15 seconds so try to keep it snappy!

Be an explorer

When you have finished recording your TikTok and you’re happy with it, make sure you play around with the built in transitions, filters and editing tools.

Top Tip: try adding transitions over the parts of your video that suddenly change to the next clip. This will make it smoother and more entertaining to watch.

Why solo? YOLO

This wonderful platform was created so we could be our most authentic selves especially with the people around us! Don’t take it too seriously. Hit record and have a laugh with your friends, family and definitely your pets! Share ideas for videos and even use the split screen feature to respond to their funny TikToks.

Shahira from Team Revolution x

We hope you’re already on your way to TikTok stardom after reading these 5 starting points!

Make sure you’re following @makeuprevolution to see us put all of these tips into motion. We’ll see you there!

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