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Trans Creators You Should Be Following Right Now

31 March 2021

Trans Creators You Should Be Following Right Now

Trans Visibility Day

Lets bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the world

Lets fight against cissexism and transphobia

Lets spread knowledge and celebrate each and every person from the trans community

Trans Visibility day (TDOV) is a day to show your support for the trans community. It is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness of discrimination transgender people face worldwide. It is also a celebration of their contributions to society. Today is their day.

The trans community is full of exceptional talent. I think some of the best creators come from this community as they are fearless, care free and super creative when expressing themselves. To celebrate Trans visibility day I want to share with you my top Trans creators that you need to follow….



SOUTH ASIAN BADDIE!! Teya is a bold trans and freelance stylist and model. Their style, makeup and overall aesthetic honestly brings me so much joy. Not to mention this beauty represents the South Asian trans community by subverting norms and stereotypes usually placed upon them. This makes me so happy as it’s so important to show different sides to our community and represent everyone. I love how confident Teya is with expressing themselves. I’m really inspired by them and if you’re not following what are you doing please???



LOOK AT HER!! Aaron is the first transgender disabled black model that is signed to a major agency. She is a huge advocate for LGBTQ+ and disability rights and her goal is to normalise the presence of disabled people, women/femmes who are trans and gender non-conforming trans people. She believes that trans and disabled people should be authentically valued within the fashion industry and the world as a whole and rightly so!! She is so talented and a stunning individual. Can we just appreciate that blue eyeliner though?!



MULTI-TALENTED QUEEN. Vivek is a multi-disciplinary artist who has talents in music, modelling, acting, photography and writing. We love to see it! She is an absolute style icon and has inspired many queer South Asians around the world. Honestly it is so refreshing to see the successes of our community and seeing them come together to inspire others. Vivek loves playing around with bright colours within her style and make up. She also incorporates her desi culture into her looks, blending western and desi clothing/jewellery. I am absolutely obsessed with her super sized coloured bindis!



ABSOLUTE BEAUTY. Jari is an actress, model, creative and activist. She represents the plus-size black trans women out there. She emphasises that her activism has a lot to do with her surviving and existing. What I love about Jari is she wants to inspire people to exist how they are, no matter what the ‘standard’ is. This is something that is so important, as everyone should be able to be their authentic self. Definitely go check out her page, she is doing amazing things!!



IT’S THE COLOURS FOR ME. Miles identifies as Non-binary and Trans-femme. He is a youtuber (MilesJaiProductions) who creates beauty tutorials, sketches and parodies. He is witty, creative and cute with his looks incorporating a lot of pastel colours and designs into his style. He is loved by his fans and subscribers for his charisma, witty sense of humour, creativity and inspirational responses. Give him a follow!

I hope you have enjoyed having a read of my top Trans creators this month! Please check these guys out. They are amazing people that are super inspiring to everyone. The talent is crazy and I hope you can gain some inspiration from them.

Here are some interesting resources to check out:

Sending everyone lots of love,
Simran x

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