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Everything you need to know about our new brand XX Revolution

03 June 2020

Everything you need to know about our new brand XX Revolution

It's finally time, XX Revolution is here

Now, I'm sure you're as eager to learn about it as I was when the phrase 'XX' started to be mysteriously thrown around the office a year ago, so without further ado here's the low down on our newest brand.

How XX Revolution came to be
As beauty fanatics, it's been clear to us for a while that the industry as we know it is changing. Five years ago, my beauty routine involved removing my makeup with a disposable face wipe (please don't come for me, it was a different time) and slathering on the cheapest moisturiser I could find, then finding the highest possible coverage foundation and concealer to cover-up the impact of my non-existent skincare. Now, it involves an intricate and ever-evolving 10 step skincare routine which I spend hours researching and mix up weekly, and my makeup and skincare work seamlessly together. I used makeup to try and create perfection and to cover up 'flaws' with makeup, today I use it to express myself and embrace my imperfections.

As the line between makeup and skincare becomes more blurred, we wanted to create a brand that reflects the changing way we use makeup. So, we created XX Revolution.

What is XX Revolution?
XX Revolution is beauty re-wired. We're talking the evolution of skincare and makeup into one, next-level makeup innovations infused with active skincare ingredients. We're talking formulations, pigments, textures, and packaging that is usually exclusive to prestige brands, now available for everyone. With XX Revolution your skin is front and centre. With XX Revolution, you're free to experiment, explore, to create looks with no limits.

“We had so much fun creating the products for XX Revolution, and there’s so much more to come! In creating this product line up, our aim was to create prestige products at affordable prices. The focus on skin x make up allowed us to create meaningful ingredient stories and experiment with new textures and finishes. We explored different formulas, and finishes through highly pigmented, powerful products in a vast range of shades and styles” – Adam Minto, co-founder of Revolution Beauty

How is XX Revolution different?
It’s no secret that at Revolution we launch a lot of products and have a lot of brands. As makeup fanatics ourselves, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to the latest formulations, packaging, colours, textures, and trends. We believe in the democratisation of beauty, in making the most incredible formulas and innovations available to all at an accessible price point. We know that not everyone does beauty the same way, so we create brands that make sure that everyone has something they'll love. XX Revolution is for the skincare fanatics, for the people who want premium formulations and caring ingredients, for people who want quality without the excessive price tag. The slightly higher (yet still affordable) price point allows us to explore ingredients, formulations, textures, and packaging that previously were unaffordable, and make them accessible to everyone. XX Revolution is about us innovating, experimenting, infusing makeup with skincare and paving the way for another revolution in beauty.


Fixx Primers & Fixx Mists
A choice of five finishes of setting sprays and primers to illuminate, mattify, hydrate, boost radiance and blur pores, so you can get your fix no matter the skin finish you're going for. Formulated with natural and active ingredients for kind to skin benefits, these make the perfect pair to prime & set.

Glow Fixx Mist
For: Lit from within illuminated skin
Ingredients: Caffeine & Papaya Extract

Quick Fixx Mist
For: Mattified skin, long-wear
Ingredients: Witch Hazel & Tea Tree

Hydra Fixx Mist
For: Super hydration and a soothed, moisturised base
Ingredients: Cactus, Aloe, Watermelon

Face Fixx Mist
For: Rejuvenating, nourishing, radiance
Ingredients: Antioxidants, Avocado & Coconut Extract

Pore Fixx Mist
For: Oil-control, mattifying, detoxifying
Ingredients: Vitamin E & Black Charcoal

Glow Fixx Primer
For: Lit from within skin
Ingredients: Cranberry Seed Oil and Caffeine

Quick Fixx Primer
For: Mattified instant retouch
Ingredients: Witch Hazel & Pink Clay

Hydra Fixx Primer
For: Super hydration
Ingredients: Cactus, Aloe Water, Cherry Blossom & Hyaluronic Acid

Face Fixx Primer
For: Plump, radiant base
Ingredients: Collagen, Antioxidants, & Coconut

Pore Fixx Primer
For: Smooth skin and minimized pores
Ingredients: Vitamin E & Charcoal

H20 Primer Bombs
The freshest way to prime and hydrate. Over 70% water and infused with impactful ingredients to prep skin for whatever comes next. Plus, they have a super cool bounce texture for super satisfying application.
Hydra Quench Bomb – Aloe Vera
H2 Glow Bomb – Aloe Vera & Illuminating Pearl Particles


Cloud Complexxion Primer
A dream for blurred and brightened skin. This soft-touch, sorbet-like cream gives you an insanely silky, soft-focus finish with a subtle, iridescent radiance. It's basically a filter in a jar.

Second Skin Complexxion Primer
Wave goodbye to pores and imperfections with this hard cream that softens at your touch, melting into the skin without a trace leaving you with silky smooth skin. Formulated with Rose Extract, it comes with a mini spatula for easy application (and cos it’s cute).

Liquid Skin Fauxxdation Double Fixx Foundation
Perfect your beat with 55 shades of XX Revolution Liquid Skin Fauxxdation Double Fixx Foundation. Silky smooth skin is just a pump away with our long-wear, silk finish foundation. For those who can't get enough of full coverage. Infused with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to treat your skin.

Skin Glow Fauxxdation
Glow up with 55 shades of XX Revolution Skin Glow Fauxxdation, a lightweight buildable coverage foundation infused with illuminating pearl particles. No more dry spells with our Hyaluronic acid infused hydrating formula. The medium to full coverage is perf for customising your beat for your perfect glowing skin finish and lit from within radiance. Formulated with collagen and peptides.

XXtra Glow Glosses
Add glow-boosting shine to lips, face, or body with 6 shades of ultra-glossy lip-gloss. Formulated with light-reflecting particles for a crystal shimmer finish.


Crystalxx Shadow Palettes
These high-shimmer crystal and foil finish palettes and encased in a shimmering gemstone reminiscent resin and contain 12 shades of our unique glass shimmer formula for a multi-tonal glow.

The Chameleon Collection
Serve up duo-chrome realness with our Chameleon Collection, from a metallic shimmer palette, to shade shifting liners, multi-dimensional shimmer pigments, to metallic duo-chrome liquid eyeshadows.


That's all for now, but don't forget to check out our Instagram@xxrevolution

Charlie from Team Revolution x

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  • XX Revolution Glow FiXX Brightening Setting Spray

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Glow FiXX Brightening Primer

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Cloud CompleXXion Primer

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Second Skin CompleXXion Primer Cream

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Quick FiXX Mattifying Setting Spray

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Quick FiXX Mattifying Primer

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Glow Skin FauXXdation Foundation FX5.5


  • XX Revolution Glow Skin FauXXdation Foundation FX18


  • XX Revolution H2 Glow Bomb Primer Aloe Vera Gel

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Hydra Quench Bomb Primer Aloe Vera Gel

    Discover XX Revolution


  • XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

    Discover XX Revolution

    £6.50 £20.00

  • XX Revolution XXcharged Duo Chrome Liquid Eyeshadow Stimulate


  • XX Revolution XXtra Glow Lip Gloss Strike


  • XX Revolution Liquid Skin FauXXdation Double FiXX Foundation FX5.5


  • XX Revolution Liquid Skin FauXXdation Double FiXX Foundation FX16


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