January 14th, 2009
Prevent And Correct With Phloretin CF




 By, Sharon Curtis


Phloretin CF by Skin Ceuticals is an amazing antioxidant with an innovative strategy in prevention and correction.


This revolutionary treatment contains the newly discovered, broad range power of phloretin, vitamin c, and ferulic acid to conquer damage at every level.


Phloretin CF is a broad-spectrum treatment that protects against free radicals and reactive molecules known to cause damage and DNA mutations. It also prevents premature signs of aging, accelerates cell turnover and boosts skin support structure.


This treatment is a very important step in any good skincare routine and can really make the difference in the health, well-being, and quality of your skin.


To find out more about Phloretin CF or Skin Ceuticals other fantastic products go to www.skinceuticals.com. Skin Ceuticals products can only be obtained by a visiting an authorized professional.







January 6th, 2009
Perricone MD ~Skin & Total Body~ Supplement Set


By, Sharon Curtis


Dr. Perricone believes that skin care isn’t the only essential ingredient for optimum skin health. He believes that diet and supplements are key in keeping the body free from inflammation and premature aging.


Perricone MD offers several different options for supplements. My favorite is Skin & Total Body because it addresses many things in one formula.


The perfectly dosed packs are full of nutrients specifically designed to support a healthy immune system and improve cognitive skills. They support bone and joint function, fight free radicals, diminish lines and wrinkles, grow hair and nails, and overall give the skin a radiant appearance.


Each supplement pack contains:

Super Antioxidant Formula Supplements

Omega-3 Supplement

Derma-Glo Supplement

Rejuvenate Supplement

Skin & Joint Essentials Supplement

Calcium/Magnesium Blend Supplement

Astaxanthin Supplement


To check out this, and other Perricone MD products go to: www.perriconemd.com







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