July 30th, 2011
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Palettes


As a self professed makeup junkie, I do not discriminate between drug store brands vs. department store brands. When you find an amazing liner or lipstick, where ever it came from, you must shout it out to the world! I confess, I am in love with color these days so when i was picking up nail polish yesterday and these caught my eye, I HAD to try them!

Now we all know how sparkles and color can attract us like moth to a flame, but isn’t it ever so sad when what you see is not what you get? Not with these palettes. NO JOKE, these colors perform on your eyes like the neon lights in Vegas and they stay put all day long.

There are five great color schemes to choose from and it’s all in the name. Amethyst Ablaze(my personal fave), Pink Punch, Forest Fury, Blue Blowout and Caffeine Rush. Perfectly suited palettes for every girl to have!


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