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Ready to Unlock Your Best Blonde?

11 Februar 2022

Ready to Unlock Your Best Blonde?

The lowdown on our brand new Bond Plex range with added colour enhance technology...


The salon transformation to create your brightest, lightest blonde can be a journey that puts your hair under extreme stress. There's no denying dryness, dullness and split ends from exposure to heat and repeat dyeing are all too familiar to those of us who bleach and colour their hair. Enter your new haircare heroes... the Revolution Haircare Blonde Plex range, four steps that help you achieve brighter blonde, with less breakage. Read on to find out how to use the range, what makes it so special and see the impressive results for yourself...


What's Special About the Blonde Plex Range?

For those of you that are familiar with our best-selling Bond Plex range, you'll know all about the range's core benefits – a triple weight molecular protein system that targets different layers of the hair fibre to help restore and strengthen your strands from within. We've taken all those repairing and nourishing qualities and created the perfect dual-purpose range of restorative treatments with Colour Enhance technology – a transformational colour system to ensure yellow, brassy tones in bleached blonde and highlighted hair are banished, all while repairing damage from within and strengthening, softening and smoothing for your best hair.

And the good stuff doesn't stop there... The Revolution Haircare Blonde Plex range is also SLS/SLES free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and the bottles are made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, too!

How to Use the Blonde Plex Range

The four steps to your best blonde hair could be easier. Prior to washing your hair, dampen and apply Blonde Plex 3, a Bond Restore Treatment. This first step ensures bleached blonde and highlighted hair is left feeling restored and conditioned – the perfect pre-shampoo treatment.

Next up, Blonde Plex 4 Bond Plex Shampoo – hydration and care for bleached and highlighted hair, this is your go-to for maintaining cool tones.

Follow up with Blonde Plex 5, a deep conditioning formula with colour maintenance – expect brassiness to be banished all while helping to restore the hair from within.

Your last step is Blonde Plex 6, the ultimate leave-in styler to help colour and heat protect, reduce frizz and repair the hair.

Team Rev Put Blonde Plex to the Test...

Don't just take our word for it... the team tried out Blonde Plex for themselves and this is what they said:

Claire's Journey to Better, Blonder Hair

Claire used Blonde Plex for six washes, and said: ‘I absolutely LOVE this product, best purple product I have EVER used! My hair felt softer, shinier and brighter, therefore felt in much better condition after just a weeks use!

My hair would usually become warmer and duller in between salon visits, and this product removed the brassy tones, as if having a colour refresh, keeping brassy tones away for longer than my usual purple shampoo/conditioner... I could use this daily without it leaving any purple tones. It accentuated the lighter blonde tones as well as keeping my hair restored, I will definitely buy this product going forward!’

Esme Put Blonde Plex to the Test

'Usually my hair feels dried out after using blonde shampoos/conditioners. This made my hair feel really soft and healthy as well as a nice tone of bright blonde after first use.'

We want to see your results! Share your Blonde Plex journey with us @revolution.haircare


Love Maria and Team Revolution x

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