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Thirsty Skin? Try Hydro Bank

10 Mai 2021

Thirsty Skin? Try Hydro Bank

Discover Revolution Skincare's brand new range!


The key to glowy, healthier-looking skin? Hydration! And that's where Revolution Skincare's latest cruelty-free and vegan collection comes in. A range of lightweight, gel textures that work to help plump and brighten dull skin with a boost of irresistible hydration. And the Instagram-worthy bubblegum blue formulas are bursting with all the best active ingredients for your skin, too. Read on to find out what goes into the range, and how to use them..

Hydrating Heroes

Each carefully crafted formula has a number of key active ingredients to give your face everything it might need to stay hydrated all day.


Hyaluronic Acid

Nature's moisture magnet, this is known as a Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) found in the skin that helps bind to water and keeps the skin hydrated.

PGA(Polyglutamic Acid)

A long-lasting moisturiser derived from fermented soybean that helps brighten skin and leave it hydrated and looking radiant.

Plankton thermal water

A type of planktonic bacteria sourced from the French Pyrenees. Contains a mix of both prebiotics and postbiotics to promote healthy, hydrated skin.

Here for the Hydration!

Whether you're skincare obsessed or this is your first foray into skin-focussed formulas, the collection couldn't be easier to use. Here's a step by step guide:

Hydrating Moisture Mist – AM and PM

After you've cleansed your face, give it an instant refresh with the Moisture Mist. It quenches thirsty skin, and is also great if you want a burst of hydration on the go, so pop it in your bag when you head out!


Hydrating Essence Serum – AM and PM

Time to amp up the hydration with this super lightweight serum, that gives you everything you're skin has been craving. It's sure to leave you feeling immediately hydrated and refreshed! Apply this serum after cleansing and misting.


Hydrating and Cooling Eye Balm – AM and PM

Following serum, it's time to focus on the eyes with this game-changing balm. The innovative formula has a super-cooling effect that delivers instant hydration to the delicate eye area. Run the balm underneath your eye and feel those results.


Hydrating Water Cream – AM and PM

Time for a moisturiser! This water cream serves an intense boost of hydration, yet has a refreshingly light texture to it. Use it after your eye balm application, and expect it to absorb like a dream. Create a self-care moment by massaging the formula in with the Ice Facial Roller.


Hydrating Sleeping Mask – PM

Make this gorgeous, luxe Sleeping Mask the last step in your routine. Drift off and let this gel mask go to work, restoring hydration and leaving your complexion feeling smoother and more supple come the AM.


Want to see the formulas in action? Check out the video below:

Share the hydrating results with us over on@revolutionskincare!

Maria from Team Revolution x

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  • Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank Hydrating Essence Serum

    Revolution Skincare

    €12,79 €15,99

  • Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank Hydrating Moisture Mist

    Revolution Skincare

    €5,50 €10,99

  • Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank Hydrating Sleeping Mask

    Revolution Skincare

    €6,80 €16,99

  • Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank Hydrating Water Cream

    Revolution Skincare


  • Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank Hydrating & Cooling Eye Balm

    Revolution Skincare

    €7,19 €8,99

  • Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank Cooling Ice Facial Roller

    Revolution Skincare

    €4,40 €10,99

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