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We Heart Palentines Day

06 Februar 2020

We Heart Palentines Day

What the hell is Palentine’s? This is a day for you and your pals! Spend it hanging out with your friends, eating pizza and chilling with Netflix.

Make this special day all about your pals and the people you love. Get a date in the diary on the 13th Feb and don’t forget to take a little gift with you.

Here’s our Palentine's Day gift guide for someone you heart – and that includes yourself too babe! (or ask your lover to buy it for you for Valentines, 14th Feb).

Relationship status: Heartbreaker

Too cute not to treat you and your pal to this heart-shaped collection of blushers, highlighters, palettes & concealers.

Pamper time for Palentine's

Have some fizzy fun with our range of food and fruity bath fizzers. From pizza to donuts, avocado and coffee bath bombs.

Best friends deserve best-sellers

So much love for our Cherry Chocolate palettes. The full-size and mini palettes are wrapped in instagrammable red and pink packaging – the perfect combination of cute and sexy!

Fun Fragrances for Friends

8 cruelty-free and vegan fragrances, in chocolate glass bottles. The cutest gift for anyone who loves perfume and chocolate.

Lip Lovers

Chocolate or Cherry? You decide! We’ve a selection of lip-licking shades to choose from.

Charlotte Jonsie from Team Revolution xx


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