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Hormonal Health: What Is The Menopause?

18 October 2022

Hormonal Health: What Is The Menopause?

An introduction to the menopause and perimenopause and how we are dedicated to driving real change.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Menopause Society designated October as World Menopause Month. October 18th was also dubbed as World Menopause Day. But exactly what is the Menopause?

Half of the global population will experience the menopause during their lives. There will be an estimated 1 billion menopausal women globally by 2025. Infact, there are 13 million peri or postmenopausal women in the UK right now - that’s a third of the female population.

Whether you are menopausal, perimenopausal, or just keen to learn more, here's everything you need to know about menopause and how it can affect you and those around you. In this article, we'll discuss the key signs and symptoms of the menopause and how you can join the conversation.


MENOPAUSE - the biological stage in which the menstrual cycle ceases and it is marked by 12 consecutive months of no menstruation (period).

PERIMENOPAUSE - can start years before this point and the fluctuations in the level of the estrogen hormone during this stage can cause intense symptoms (anxiety, brain fog, hot flushes and skin problems such as acne and dryness).

POST-MENOPAUSE - is the stage starting 12 months after your last period. These symptoms ease over time but the reduced estrogen levels can increase the risk of long-term health conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease.


The more informed we all become about the different symptoms of the menopause, the more impactful changes we can make to leave us all better prepared.

GenM has identified the 48 key symptoms that can be experienced throughout the menopause - whether that’s perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause. These key menopausal changes can affect our skin (acne and rosacea), our body (sore breasts and headaches) our moods (irritability and fatigue) our emotions (depression and anxiety) and our physical appearance (hairloss and weight gain) to mention just a few.

Clearly, it’s a difficult time for women. So the earlier we can identify and recognise these symptoms, the easier it will be for women to reach out to friends, employers and health services for emotional and medical treatment, making menopause a more manageable experience for women and less of a taboo in society.


We know we have a lot to learn here. Over the past 12 months at Revolution Beauty, we’ve been working behind the scenes to educate ourselves and our team about the menopause and how we can help to raise awareness within our work environment - and beyond.

Earlier this year, we partnered with GenM, the official menopause partner for brands that are dedicated to driving real change for the big change.

In October and beyond, we’ll be opening up the menopause conversation with you on our social channels; sharing educational content, product recommendations, and top tips for coping with the different stages of the menopause.

Plus, we will be making it even easier for you to browse and shop products that are perfect for menopausal skin. Just look out for the certified GenM logo we’ll be adding to our products. After all, 97% of women believe brands should work harder to cater for the menopause (Gen M, Invisibility Report, 2022).

Excitingly, in November 2022 we will also be launching an incredible skincare and wellness line specifically designed for women going through menopausal changes, created by women who thoroughly understand or have experienced menopause themselves.

Join the menopause conversation. Follow @revolutionskincare and @makeuprevolution for more #OwnYourMenopause

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