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Spring Skin Trends

08 April 2021

Spring Skin Trends

So what are the trends for your base this spring?

It’s real, we’ve felt the sun’s warmth and have started and finished work in daylight. The park is full of baes getting that perfect under the blossom tree shot in their cutest spring wardrobes, daffodils line the hedges and having an ice cream at lunch is once again acceptable.

So what are the trends for your base this spring? Whilst we love a heavy glass skin, dripping in glow and shine, think a little softer and more natural for spring. These skin trends work great for balancing out that oil that might make an appearance now the temperature is creeping up as our winter dryness departs. Think fluffy, soft skin with a flush of blush across your nose.

Cream Skin
Trend one, sounds delish right?

Much easier to achieve than the super-glossy, plump and dewy look of glass skin that took multiple serums, oils and essences to achieve, cream skin is all about skin looking soft, supple and moisturised.

This is achieved by using a milky light lotion that sink easily into the skin, and so is much simpler than the usual 10-step Korean routine. It doesn’t look super glossy, but leaves a natural healthy glow. The routine should be stripped back and focus on the skin’s natural finish- neither too matte or too dewy. The goldilocks of K-beauty, this one is “just right”. ​

Start with a gentle yet balancing cleanser our ​ Cleansing Milk Jelly will leave the skin soft and smooth.

A sweep of our milky Hyaluronic Tonic will help to hydrate and soften skin after cleansing. Skin texture will be even and shininess should be balanced.

Finally, finish off with our Hydration Boost Moisturiser. This light gel-cream will moisturise and soften the skin, without leaving it overly dewy or shiny looking. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Mochi Skin

First Glass Skin, then Cream Skin, now Mochi Skin. What on earth is a mochi you ask? Mochi is a chewy and delicious snack made from rice, that is filled with sweet bean paste or ice cream. They are smooth, plump and so cute you want to squish them. If that isn’t skin goals I don’t know what is.

So what does mochi skin look like? Think smooth, plump and almost translucent. It is all about the radiance healthy and hydrated skin emits rather than the shiny dewiness of glass skin. Mochi skin should balance the skin being soft, supple and glowing with shine-free luminosity. As such, Mochi Skin may be a better trend for those with oilier and dehydrated skin type as products are light, refreshing and hydrating, focusing on skin health. The fact that it is more of a matte finish may also appeal to those with oilier skin types.

Sound complicated? Well, it isn’t really. Focus on hydration at every stage, with light and balanced textures that won’t leave the skin oily and greasy. Exfoliation isn’t really a part of a mochi skin routine, but thorough cleansing and layered hydration are key.

Start off with our Hydration Boost Cleanser. This creamy yet foaming formula will thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping. It will leave a perfectly soft and smooth canvas to build off.

Next up, Makeup Obsession’s Peony Prime and Essence Spray will help to give skin that first hit of hydration post-cleansing and help to rebalance the skin’s pH. Spray liberally all over the face and press into the skin gently.

Follow up on your spritz with our 2%Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum. This will lock water into the skin, helping smooth and even out the skin.

To finish off the ultimate flawlessly smooth base, use the XX Revolution Cloud Complexion Primer. Pores appear instantly blurred, complexion looks even and silky.

Finally, if you fancy a pop of colour, a quick dab of a Superdewy Liquid Blush will highlight your smooth and supple skin, and give that mochi finish!

Don't forget to share your finished results with us @revolutionskincare

Liberty from Team Revolution x

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