September 30th, 2009

4-in-1 Summertime Skin Savior…

Wish you could get your hands on a skin-saving product for summer that

 1) protects skin from the sun

 2) adds a beautiful flush of believable color

 3) treats skin inflammation, acne & rosaceaAND 4) fights to reduce the appearance of wrinkles along with actively preventing further signs of aging?

 sukicolor tinted active moisturizer SPF 15 delivers the above results with 100% pure, natural and active organic ingredients – a true multitasker that happens to be extremely good for you and of course, the environment.

Available in
Natural & Bronze
This light hydrating makeup goes on sheer and can be customized for all skin tones, leaving skin absolutely poreless, radiant and especially breathable – very important during those hot and humid summer days!

Why This Works:

Natural Salicylic Acid from White Willow – significantly reduces inflammation, blemishes and prevents new breakouts without the irritation and peeling often caused by more common synthetic salicins.

Natural Retinol Liposome – this non-toxic natural retinol increases cell turnover and protects cells from free radical damage. It brightens the skins surface while stimulating collagen production.
Organic Jojoba Oil – the skin quickly absorbs this light moisturizing emollient as it softens and locks in moisture.
Organic Rose Extract – packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this emollient promotes healing and reduces hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles.
Available at and select Whole Foods Stores nationwide for $45.95

September 29th, 2009
Armani Luminous Silk Foundation




There has been a lot of hype in the makeup world over  Armani foundation. In fact, in a recent shoot I did with Rachael Leigh Cook, she mentioned it and being that she was like the fifth person to rave about it I had to give it a try. 



Hands down, THEEE best foundation everrrrr! Run to your nearest department store and get this ladies! The coverage is flawless and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any foundation, dare I say miracle? The finish is a semi-matte that lasts all day and doesn’t cake or move.

Here’s the technical:

The secret of Lasting Silk lies in a special high tech Microfil TM fine milling process that combines water essence, micronised optical effect particles high tech fitting silk and micro blend luminous pigments. These components morph into a barely perceivable seamless silk veil of infallible semi mat color that dresses the skin’s contours to perfection .



Love, love, love!! 5 stars, at $58 it may not be easy on the pocket book BUT it is so worth it!

September 25th, 2009
Kate Somerville: Hollywood’s Skin Guru



 By, Sharon Curtis



If you live in Los Angeles, read popular fashion magazines, or watch E!, than chances are you’ve heard of Kate Somerville.


Kate is truly a pioneer in the world of skincare. She’s had a luxurious, highly-respected medi-spa on the charming street of Melrose Place in Los Angeles for over 13 years. Kate is responsible for giving her clients that radiant, youthful glow that we’re all looking for. It’s highly likely on any given day(especially award show days), to run into some of Kate’s celebritiy clientele including: Kate Beckinsale, Felicity Huffman, Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba.


Until recently, you had to visit the clinic in Los Angeles to experience the magic that Kate bestows on her clients. Well I’m happy to report that’s all changed.


The Kate Somerville line in now available to one and all, and is smart, simple and effective. It boasts a concise product lineup that’s easy to understand. Some of the standout products from the line are:


Exfolikate -  A 2 in 1 mask made up of fruit enzymes that clarify skin by removing dead cells and eliminating bacteria. Highly effective in combating acne, including stubborn blackheads. Polishes skin, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion. Healthy skin, healthy glow, healthy you!


Oil Free -  An Algae-based moisturizer that tones and hydrates the skin while working to help fight the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin appears tightened and refined. Rich sea plant extracts contain powerful amino acid to encourage collagen production.


Deep Tissue Repair -  An age-defying treatment formulated by Kate with ‘renew, restore, results’ in mind! It instantly softens and strengthens skin, promoting a supple and velvety complexion. Watch surface lines and wrinkles lift away as this proprietary formulation, blending Peptide K8™ with collagen builders, penetrates deeply to encourage cellular repair and reverse damage.


I’ve personally tried that above mentioned products and can honestly say that this is a terrific brand, with excellent products, at fair prices for the quality and legacy behind them. Julianne and I are planning a trip to the clinic and will report back about our experience.


I encourage everyone out there to check out Kate’s website for more information on her skincare line and ’star-studded’ medi spa (the services offered will make you drool).





September 23rd, 2009
Thermaclear Acne Device



By, Sharon Curtis


Thermaclear is a ‘newish’ acne-clearing device for home use with professional-grade results. It’s a celebrity “Secret Weapon”


Thermaclear is the only device on the market that uses professional-grade “2-second per pimple” application technology. “The advanced Thermal Pulse Technology emits a thermal energy that reaches deep beneath the surface to neutralize acne causing bacteria”.


Promises to clear pimples in as little as 24 hours, and clinical studies proved that blemishes treated with Thermaclear clear up 4 times better than those not treated with the device.


The device is only $149.95 and can be purchased at and select Sephora stores.


If you suffer from acne, you’ll definately want to check this out!






September 22nd, 2009
Smoke and Mirrors- How to make your lips appear fuller

MAC goldeb bronze powderAs an artist, after I apply the foundation I have a little step that I call dodging and burning all around the face. In laymen’s terms, I use a highlighter to accentuate parts of the face that I want to look more pronounced and vice versa for areas I want to look less prominent.

Through this technique, I’ve developed a really easy way to help make that pout look juicier. No need to bust out your lip liner because it’s all about smoke and mirrors. A lot of women don’t consider the importance of this step and that’s why they don’t look like J.LO.
As for the lips, to use this technique, get MAC iredescent golden Bronze powder. Take a small powder brush and with closed lips brush the golden dust all over and make sure you get the outer rim of the lips. By highlighting the outer rim of your lips your giving off the illusion that they are fuller then follow with a nude gloss. I really recommend using the MAC powder for this because it’s so sheer and lovely all around the face! I use it for cheekbones, highlighting under the brow bone and the inside corners ofthe eyes. With so many possibilities, you can’t go wrong!

September 21st, 2009
More Makeup Tips! Check Out My Feature In


Discover LA’s five must-have products

 by Katie Corcoran on 29/05/2009 


Hollywood’s top five beauty products from make-up artist Julianne Kaye


A list beauty news


When we heard that make-up artist to the stars, Julianne Kaye was over on a flying visit from LA we grabbed her for a chat to get all of the gossip on the beauty products that Hollywood A-listers love. Read on to find out which top five products she told us the celebs wouldn’t dream of stepping onto the red carpet without…


1. “One thing you’ll notice about celebrities on the red carpet is that their skin is always flawless from head to toe. Makeup doesn’t always start with foundation and end with lip gloss. If you really want to shine like a celebrity, the routine starts in the shower. When you exfoliate from head to toe, you’re removing the top layer of dead skin cells and exposing new skin that is smoother, healthy and radiant. I recently discovered Jemma Kidd’s Show Stopper Year-Round Body Glow which hands down is my favourite pick for supple healthy skin. The formula has the perfect balance of sheen and consistency.”


Jemma Kidd’s Show Stopper Year-Round Body Glow, £13, out June 26th at asos


2. “Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Cils is an industry leading mascara. Faux Cils has such a great creamy texture, lengthens like nothing else and comes in a variety of unique colours like #5 Burgundy which I have used on Britney Spears and Scarlett Johansson. It’s not so blatantly ‘Burgundy’ but it does make wonder what did she do different?”


Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara, £21,

3. “Makeup is meant to be fun and can be a great way through which people express themselves. It’s a shame that women have limited themselves with all these pre-conceived notions of what they can and cannot wear based on age, ethnicity and what they’ve been told throughout the years.  I don’t subscribe to any ‘makeup rules’ because everybody’s need and wants are very different and makeup should reflect your individuality. Everyone’s going bananas for NARS 2009 Summer collection right now which has some great shades that suit everyone whatever your age. Most popular is the beautiful Tonga lip liner and Belize lip gloss. I haven’t been this excited over lip liner since I discovered MAC Spice pencil and Myth lipstick in the early nineties!.”


NARS 2009 Summer collection Tonga lip liner, £14 and Belize lip gloss, £17,

4. “There’s such a demand for organic products these days. Gone are the days when we would associate organic with having less quality. My favourite pick for organic is Nude skin care. The Miracle Mask is amazing. I recently did the cover of Coco Eco magazine with Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and because she had been travelling her skin was dehydrated so I used the mask on her and she was an instant fan. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to achieve glowing skin.”


Nude Skin Care’s Miracle Mask, £38,

5. Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen is a must have. This is such a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially for its convenient size and amazing capability to freshen up your face throughout the day or night. Most of my clients have it and swear by it!


Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen, £22,

Pop tart book


Pop Tart, the new novel by Julianne Kaye (LA celebrity makeup artist) and Kira Coplin (pop culture journalist and US Weekly writer) is published by AVON on the 28 May and is available on Amazon. See make-up tips from Julianne on her website

September 18th, 2009
COSMOPOLITAN - Get The LA Look Featuring Julianne Kaye

Check out the tips I give to Cosmopolitan!

Get the LA look



MakeupCelebrity makeup artist Julianne Kaye shares her top makeup buys and how to get the Hollywood look  

Get Ange’s eyes

“To create sexy cat-eyes like Angelina Jolie, use a black cream liner with a small angled brush. To exaggerate the end of the eye so it turns up slightly I take a folded tissue and angle it where I want the line to be then use it as a guide for the perfect line. I really love Licorice by Prescriptives (£11.70,”


Perfect pout

“If you want a juicier pout like Scarlett Johansson, the key is all about using a shimmery highlighter to accentuate the outer area of the mouth. This creates the illusion of fuller lips by refracting light. I use MAC Iridescent Golden Bronze Powder (£15.17, Take a small powder brush and with closed lips brush the golden dust all over and make sure you get the outer rim of the lips then follow up with your favourite lipstick or gloss.”


Bat them away

“Hands down, Shu Uemura (£11.74, is my pick for the best lashes. They are hand-made by highly skilled artisans to accomplish the most intricate designs with premium quality and I find that they have more mileage for re-usability if taken care of well.”


The cheek of it

“A lot of my makeup artist comrades as well as myself are big fans of cream blush. A lovely colour, like Petunia from Stila (£18, gives of a youthful glow when applied to the apples of the cheeks.”


For more top tips check out Pop Tart, the new novel by Julianne Kaye  and Kira Coplin, available now from




September 18th, 2009
Glam On A Budget: Beauty Straight From The Kitchen





by Casi Morris



It’s no secret that many of our favorite luxe beauty rituals are a thing of the past.  In this economy, $200 an ounce for face cream seems a tad excessive.


In all fairness, however, there are simply some items that I just can’t (or won’t) live without.  Chanel No.5 (my classic, go-to fragrance) and YSL Golden Gloss (I’m a gloss junkie and anything infused with 24K gold can’t be bad!) both come to mind.  It’s a fact of life…we’ve all got our faves that we just refuse to give up.


That realization acknowledged, there are a few tips and tricks that can help a gal save a buck to help make those splurge-worthy products and services seem not quite as painful.  By using the general household items below (which, by the way, you likely already have in-house),  you can be gorgeous….and financially savvy.


Quite the rare combo!







Save the grounds from the morning pot o’ joe and rub it where the sun don’t shine.  For reals…not kidding.


The most effective cellulite gels and creams all contain caffeine as one of the primary ingredients for bump-blasting.  Therefore, make the most of raw caffeine by wrapping used coffee grounds in cheese cloth and then massage away with an exfoliant.  While it won’t permanently remove the “junk in the trunk”, it will help improve circulation and the immediate appearance of body imperfections.  Not a bad idea for leftovers.





Olive Oil


Most expensive conditioning treatments (yes, even the professional ones you receive at the salon) contain some amount of naturally-derived oils and emollients.  Thus, by creating your own, you can save cash - and time - by applying while you sleep. 


The perfect overnight hair treatment can be achieved by doing the following: 


Using a marinating brush, coat the entire length of your hair, from root to tip, concentrating in areas of damage or dryness. 


Wrap hair tightly (but comfortably) in plastic wrap.  This step is both twofold and critical, in that:

a) it will prevent any residue from migrating on your pillow case and;

b) it will also help maximize the intensity of the oil and further infuse the emollients.


The following morning, wash hair thoroughly.  Tresses should appear in better condition, with enhanced luster and brilliance.








Zits happen - and, many times, overnight  - without warning.  When unprepared, or when not willing to pony up for a pricey acne cream or emergency facial, there is a tried and true bargain fix.


Apply a thin layer of white (non-tinted, non gel-based) toothpaste over the entire surface area of the blemish.  Leave on overnight (or as long as possible) to obtain the best results.  The blemish should appear less inflamed or “angry” as a result of the paste application.


One additional trick:  try aspirin!  Crush 2-3 aspirin tablets completely and mix with a small amount of hot water, stirring into a thick paste (similar to the consistency of toothpaste).  This cheap trick should also help reduce inflammation.





Cane Sugar


While there’s nothing quite like a luxurious body scrub and wrap, you can easily create the perfect exfoliant all by yourself. 


Take 2 parts brown cane sugar and mix with 1 part body lotion. Mix thoroughly, slather on and massage with a loofa - and, voila - your own at home sugar scrub.  Just like fresh makes…only cheaper!






This is a beauty secret first disclosed by the uber-fabulous Helen Gurley Brown, who in my opinion, was the one of the first true beauty pioneers, empowering women to embrace success, beauty and power.


Her trick to combat puffiness and dark circles is a revelation and one sworn to by many a socialite.


After a late night of over-indulgence (or any “bad” morning), fill a large bowl with ice and add water - take a deep breath and submerge head in the cold water.  Remain underwater for as long as comfortably possible, and then (obviously!) come up for air.  Repeat several times.  She suggested using a snorkel, but that just seems too complicated to me.  So, I’ll just stick with the dip and repeat. 


The shock of the frigid temperature on the skin will help minimize eye puffiness and do wonders to jump start a complexion on any rough morning.



Hopefully one of these ideas can help cut some costs from your beauty routine.  Or, at the very least, inspire some creativity in the kitchen.



Contributing Editor: Casi Morris





Casi Morris is a seasoned cosmetic concept and product developer who has held posts atsome of the world’s largest beauty companies, as well as today’s most innovative boutiquebeauty brands.  In addition to her own blog, she is a contributor to a number of leading beauty sites and is currently serving as Sr. Director of Marketing and Product Development at Iconic Labs in Los Angeles, CA.




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