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Holiday Makeup Essentials for 2024

29 April 2024

Holiday Makeup Essentials for 2024

Looking for what to pack with your holiday makeup essentials? Here's a list of essential holiday makeup and skincare must-haves for your makeup bag

Summer is officially Summer-ing! I’m glad that the days of short daylight are slowly going away and the sun is staying out later too! Of course, some of us will have plans to getaway this Summer for a nice little holiday, and if you’re like me you’ll search up “what's the best holiday makeup?”.

So, without further ado, here are my top holiday makeup essentials to pop in your bag and I've even suggested a makeup look perfect for your 2024 holiday. I’ve included products suitable for the beach and the hot weather too!


Can you take makeup on holiday?

YES! You can take makeup on holiday! Even though we wish we could bring everything (remember to check your suitcase allowance!), it’s better to take you makeup essentials.

Expert Tip: If you want access to your makeup essentials on your flight, make sure they’re within the hand luggage requirements, and if you don’t need them until you land, they can go into your cargo baggage!

What makeup to take on holiday

Just a quick round up, but you'll want to divide your toiletries essentials into 2 halves, one for all things skincare, and one for make-up! A few basics worth mentioning include cleanser, moisturiser, SPF, light-weight foundation, tanning drops, and water-proof products!

SPF - Start with Skincare protection

An absolute holiday essential or everyday essential is SPF! It's a huge myth that you only need to wear SPF when the sun is out! Even when it’s cloudy, UV rays will still penetrate through and can damage your skin! Therefore, it’s important to wear your daily SPF even if your holiday destination isn’t sunny or tropical! With that said, I highly recommend the Revolution Skincare SPF 50 Invisible Protect Sunscreen. If you’re planning to wear makeup, you can give yourself a base layer of this moisturising SPF before applying foundation or products on top!

An image of Mattify Sun Protect SPF against a sky background

Mascara - Waterproof makeup for a beach vacation

If you’re planning a holiday spent with frequent dips in the sea or to bathe by the pool the last thing you’d want is mascara running down your face. Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Revolution’s 5D Whip Lift Waterproof Mascara will be your ultimate secret in making a splash for long, lifted lashes! Not to mention it’s also sweatproof, tearproof, and party proof, this is truly a must-have for your holiday make-up essentials!

An image of 5D Whiplift Waterproof Mascara submerged in water

How to prevent shiny makeup on holiday

If you’ve got oily skin like me, travelling to a high-temperature country will bring out the shine in a way you might not want. A handy tool to keep in your make-up bag is the Matte Touch Up Oil Control Roller. First, it’s super versatile and travel friendly so it will literally fit into your handbag. Made with volcanic stone to absorb excess oil, all you need to do is roll onto the skin and watch as it removes any excess oil build on your face! Also, it’s super easy to clean, all you need to do is remove the ball from the packaging and gently wash with a face cleanser before inserting back into the packaging!

Holiday makeup for glowing skin

Tanning or Bronzing?

Sometimes we might not have enough time in the sun, or the sun might not unfortunately be beaming down all the time whilst we’re on holiday. It can be a struggle if you’re wanting to look sun-kissed in cute pictures. There’s no shame in using a little boost to help with this! My first product I’d recommend is the Rapid Tan Active SPF 20! All you need to do is spray this onto skin and rub until it’s absorbed and watch as it helps your tan quicken!

An image of Rapid Tan Active SPF 20

If you’re wanting more of a tanned look for going out, I’d highly suggest our new Bronzing Drops! These babes are totally worth bringing as they can be used in different ways. You can either mix a few drops into your moisturiser.

An image of Bronzing Drops on Model SHOP OUR GLOW ON THE GO COLLECTION


If you’re like me and skincare is super important, you’ll need some products from your staple routine! One I’d highly recommend is the Pro Miracle Vegan Collagen Cleansing Balm. This supercharged formula will help remove make-up, SPF, and any impurities built up on your skin. Trust me when I say that your skin will be left feeling silky smooth, nourished, and cleansed!


Finally, you’ll need to treat your skin with a loving moisturiser to keep it hydrated, so I’d highly recommend packing the Pro Miracle Cream. This supercharged formula will help remove make-up, SPF, and any impurities built up on your skin. Trust me when I say that your skin will be left feeling silky smooth, nourished, and cleansed!

An image of Model holding the Miracle Cream

How to wear makeup on holiday

No make-up make-up look

A huge trend in make-up this Summer is a 'no make-up' look. This doesn’t mean wearing no make-up, but instead looking like you have minimal on. Wearing less make-up might be preferred in warmer temperature destinations. For this I’d recommend our Skin Silk Foundation. It truly is soft as silk and light as air! This foundation is light to medium coverage, whilst also formulated with peptides and hyaluronic complex to keep your skin looking plump and hydrated. Gliding straight onto your skin for subtle coverage or build till your desired look is achieved!

No-makeup Holiday Makeup Look

And there you have it! A list of holiday make-up essentials for you to bring with you on your upcoming adventures! I hope you have a lovely time wherever you go and remember to look after your skin and treat it with lots of love!

Kian and the Rev team


  • Revolution Skincare SPF 50 Invisible Protect Sunscreen

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  • Makeup Revolution 5D Whip Lift Waterproof Mascara

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    €7.99 €9.99

  • Makeup Revolution Matte Touch Up Oil Control Roller

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  • Revolution Beauty Rapid Tan Active SPF 20

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    €9.00 €12.00

  • Makeup Revolution Bright Light Bronzing Drops Bronze Scorched

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  • Revolution Pro Miracle Vegan Collagen Cleansing Balm

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  • Revolution Pro Miracle Cream

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  • Makeup Revolution Skin Silk Serum Foundation F9

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