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Introducing: Disney Princess Jasmine

14 juillet 2021

Introducing: Disney Princess Jasmine

Meet the totally cosmic collection everyone's talking about…


Thought the I Heart Revolution x Disney Princess collection couldn’t get any better? Us too! But that was before we met the I Heart x Disney Princess Jasmine collection: the dreamiest products with bold and bright colours inspired by Princess Jasmine’s daring and courageous spirit. Get ready to make some magic and create totally cosmic looks!

Princess Jasmine is strong-willed, open-minded and generous. She finds adventure wherever she goes and isn’t afraid to try something new. We really wanted this collection to reflect these characteristics, bringing her story to life through a gorgeous mix of both daring and classic colourways. Ready to meet the collection?

I Heart Revolution x Disney Fairytale Palette Jasmine
With a colour story and shade names inspired by iconic moments and characters from Disney's Aladdin, this all-in-one face and eye palette has all the colours you’ll need to create your most magical looks yet!

Open to reveal a page of matte and shimmer eyeshadows from gorgeous golds to brilliant bronzes warm sunset hues. On the other page, you’ll find three matte blushers in rich apricot, mid-rose, peach pink and three shimmer highlighters in gilded gold, sunset peach, and crystal gold.

I Heart Revolution x Disney Fairytale Lip Topper Genie
Make a wish! This sheer coverage, non-sticky formula has added pearlescent blue sparkle for the ultimate cosmic genie effect. Glide it over the top of your favourite I Heart Revolution lip colour, or wear solo!

I Heart Revolution x Disney Fairytale Highlighter Jasmine
This unique magic lamp-embossed shimmering powder will leave you with a totally cosmic rose-gold glow. The formula melts onto the skin like butter - dreamy! It's sure to make your highlighter dreams come true.

And of course, the I Heart x Disney Princess Jasmine collection is 100% cruelty-free. The highlighter and lipgloss are both vegan too.

Discover the full Disney Princess collection here.

Lois from Team Revolution x

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