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How To Veganise Your Beauty Routine With Planet Revolution

13 janvier 2022

How To Veganise Your Beauty Routine With Planet Revolution

Veganuary isn’t just about food, switch up your beauty staples


Every year since January 2014, people across the world have been taking part in the Veganuary Pledge. Not only is Veganuary a great time to try a plant-based diet, it’s also the perfect time to switch up your beauty routine. Need some tips? We’ve got you.

Don’t want to waste your non-vegan products when making the switch? Try finishing that product before rebuying a vegan alternative. Better for the environment and your bank balance!

And while vegan beauty might seem daunting, Planet Revolution makes the leap a whole lot easier. With makeup, skincare & accessories that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free & conscious, you can be sure to find solutions for all your beauty needs. How convenient!

Start from the staples
What’s a step in your beauty regime that you never skip? Starting with a staple item, such as your moisturiser or serum, is a great way to make a vegan switch. That way – your no-makeup days are already veganised! Whatever your skin-type, Planet Revolution has got your vegan base covered. For oily skin, the True Moisture Gel is a gamechanger! Using upcycled olive stone powder, rice powder & squalene, this miracle gel works to mattify your skin – say goodbye to shine!

But if you need that extra bit of moisture instead, the good news is you don’t need to give up hyaluronic acid in your switch to vegan beauty. While Revolution Skincare offers an extensive vegan acid range, a personal favourite of mine is the Planet Revolution Clean Hydration Serum. Its light grapefruit scent leaves your skin hydrated and refreshed – what’s not to love!

Revolutionise your Routine
Give your makeup, a vegan makeover. Whether you’re looking to veganise for the animals, the planet, or maybe both – a great place to disrupt your routine is with the Revolutionary Palettes. In 6 clean-formula colour stories, the Revolutionary palette’s offer vegan shadow but with an eco-twist. Made with Fibreform™, these wood-pulp palettes feel like plastic but can be composted OR recycled after use – incredible, I know!

Make the Most of Multi-Use
Not sure which vegan products to test out? No problem. Making the most of multi-use products is a great way to cut down on waste and optimise a product. As a fellow vegan, some of my firm favourites include the Revolutionary Face palettes, which double-up as a highlight and eyeshadow, along with the Colour Pots which create a gorgeous winter blush and lip tint. Both are vegan beauty must-haves! Multi-use products are a great way to streamline your vegan routine and thankfully, Planet Revolution products are made multi-use. You’re welcome.

Look out for Our Icons
Struggle to work out if a product is vegan? We’ve all been there. Luckily for you, Planet Revolution has clear and obvious visual icons to make your transition into vegan beauty much clearer. I know how confusing it can be. Whether you’re doing a spot of online shopping, or having a read of a product label, you’ll be pleased to know Planet Revolution has icons for recycling, composting and many more to simplify your switch this Veganuary. Check them out here.

So, if you want to make an impact this 2022, veganising your makeup and skincare is a great place to start, besides, vegan beauty is great for your skin, the animals, and the planet, so why not get involved?

Want to join our #cleanevolution? Be sure to follow @planet_revolution for more vegan beauty content, tips and tricks!

Love Elli, from Team Revolution Beauty x

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